Sudden Strike Crimea

Sudden Strike Crimea 1.0

Test your strategy skills joining the Battle of Crimea during WWII
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Sudden Strike Crimea is a free strategy game in which you need to move your troops through an occupied region to battle against the German army in order to liberate the city.
The game has two modes, Campaign and Custom scenario, each with its own challenges. When starting each stage, the program shows you the map of the mission you need to accomplish, as well as some instructions in audio format. The voice of these resembles that of the old WWII newsreels, which adds realism to the game. You can switch between the strategy map and the 3D view to set up your moves. You can use several options. For example, you can move your soldiers one by one, or in groups, use the defensive or offensive mode, take weapons or abandoned buildings or places, and so on.

The game is not very easy to play unless you are familiar with this type of games. Also, it does not include a manual or a Help file. Nevertheless, it has good graphics and sounds, and, in general, it is an entertaining game, so if you enjoy strategy games, then you may like this one.

Sadly, the official program developer's page is not accessible.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is free to download and use
  • It has good graphics and sounds
  • The voices match those of the old newsreels


  • When you exit the program, a new tab showing the developer's webpage appears
  • Not very easy to play
  • Does not include a Help file
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